Monday 17th January 2022

Happy Monday sandwich clubbers!!
It’s fresh out there so why not come and have a walk to sandwich club and warm yourself with a pot of our homemade soup or one of our delicious hot sandwiches.

Todays specials are

Ribbons of pastrami beef with crumbled blue vein Stilton bound in a jalapeño mayonnaise and topped with black peppercorn kettle chips.

V. Breaded quorn bites with sweetcorn, bell peppers and spring onions entwined in a sweet chilli dressing.

Roast chicken with smoked cheddar, pan fried chorizo, mushrooms and leeks bound in mayonnaise.

Soup of the day:
V. Bombay potato
Roast chicken, tomato, chorizo and pepper.

We look forward to seeing you soon!